Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The joy of internet.

In trying to find the exact wording of this ditty for an earlier post,

"When the client moans and sighs
Make his logo twice the size
If the client still proves refractory
Show a picture of the factory
Only in the gravest cases
Should you show the clients' faces."

I came upon this wonderful up-dated version by Kevin Chesters,

"If the ads have gone to pot
Mention blogging quite a lot

If you want to dazzle them
Drop in terms like CRM

To make your clients think you're sage
Give campaigns a myspace page

To make them think you're clever chaps
Make references to Google Maps

If accused of strategic shirking
Bang on about social networking

If they still think the work is crap
You must present an iPhone app."


Deidra Bodkin said...

Love this!

geo said...

And don't forget this one...

“The codfish lays ten thousand eggs, The homely hen lays one;
The codfish never cackles,
To tell you when she's done;
And so we scorn the codfish,
While the humble hen we prize;
Which only goes to show you,
That it pays to advertise”

Kelly said...


LOL. The codfish v. hen has always been a favorite. I adore Kevin Chesters' update on Ogilvy!