Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I've just created a new word.

When something is stupid or utterly foolish, you can call it asinine. But what about when something is beyond stupid and beyond utterly foolish? Like agencies that refuse to adapt (sometimes you can't keep the dinosaurs from the tar-pits, my favorite ex-boss once said to me about a client.) Or what about agencies that refuse to grow-up and thus never make the transition from pleasing clients to leading clients?

Or what about our daily dosage of dumbness dispensed by companies that seem to do all they can to drive you away dissatisfied? (See General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, the airlines, the telcos, movie theatres, supermarkets, mass-transit systems, mattress manufacturers and retailers, television networks, computer manufacturers, big-box retailers, avaricious employers, for example.)

What do you call them when the word asinine isn't strong enough?


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