Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I hate them both.

The president of Iran, who got his PhD. in traffic management, spoke on Monday at my almer mata, Columbia University. And yesterday the president of the US, who has a PhD. in lies and deceit spoke at the United Nations. I hate to say this but I think I dislike Bush more than Ahmadinejad.

First off, Bush runs a country that spends more than the rest of the world combined on military armaments, while nearly 1/6 of its citizens have no health care. Second, he has eviscerated civil liberties in the name of preserving our liberty. Third, he is a global warming denier. Fourth, I could go on and on and on.

Ahmadinejad is despicable. And a holocaust denier. An alleged exporter of "terror." But compared to our ConnecticutTexan and great Satan, he is small potatoes.

After all, our government exported terror by invading at least two sovereign states on a pretext. Now it comes to light that Blackwater sets traps for Iraqis and then shoots them when they're snagged. We also execute more people, mostly dark and poor, than Iraq. More on a per capita basis too.

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